Sweet 16 guests taking pictures in a photobooth

What’s one of the hallmarks of a great party nowadays? Obviously, delicious food, a great DJ…and a photo booth! A photo booth is one of the first things guests notice when they arrive at your party. And it’s also one of the signs that the party’s going to be excellent. What guest doesn’t light up with excitement at the sight of a photo booth when walking into a wedding or birthday party?

If you’re on the fence about having a photo booth at your event, below you’ll find three reasons you should pull the trigger and book one.

1. Take Home Commemorative Photos

A photo booth is a perfect way to make sure your guests remember your party for many years to come. Their photos make for enduring mementos of the fun they had, and they’re an excellent way to immortalize the night.

2. Entertainment For All Ages

Guaranteed entertainment – that’s another fantastic reason to have a photo booth! If you want to make sure your guests are occupied throughout the night, everyone from kids to seniors can enjoy a photo booth.

3. Easy, Painless Favors

Everyone who hosts a party wants to distribute fabulous favors to their guests. Therefore, a photo booth provides you with the perfect opportunity both to entertain them and give them something to bring home.

Conclusion – Evolution Productions

Without a doubt, photo booths make for an exceptional addition to any party. Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party or anniversary, a photo booth is almost as important as a DJ to ensuring a successful event.

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