The year 2020 has brought plenty of disappointment, including wedding postponements. However, with COVID restrictions beginning to lift and the cases falling, anxious brides are looking to the backyard micro wedding. If this sounds familiar, then we are the DJ and event planning service for you!

While 2020 weddings have been anything but “normal”, people who are looking for a DJ have found some solace in the new normal of backyard micro weddings. Also known as mini-monies, backyard micro weddings have kept plenty of wedding event vendors busy. From DJs, lounge rentals, tents, decor, and yard games, we have been adapting as best as we can to make your wedding dreams come true.

While Long Island’s restrictions on restaurants and bowling alleys have improved, we in the wedding industry have seen little change since July 2020. Working with brides, we have seen what does and does not work for having a magical – and safe – backyard micro wedding.

How to Scale Down Your Guest List

While this isn’t the easiest one, it’s a good place to start. You will not be able to invite everyone you want, or even the people you think should be there. How do you scale down from a 200 person wedding to just 50?

A good place to start is in your text message and phone call list. If you haven’t contacted or been contacted by that person in the last 3-6 months, they probably shouldn’t make the list. Also, this isn’t the time for people to bring random guests. Traditionally, brides and grooms feel obligated to offer a guest to every single person over 18. However, you have 50 precious seats. Unless you have extra, we recommend not sticking to that tradition. Some single guests will understand the difficult time you are having, while others will not. Do what you need to do!


What Vendors and Services To Choose

Since you are going the micro-wedding route, you may have a little extra in your budget to splurge on things that you hadn’t considered at first. Were you making your own centerpieces? Now, consider that you only have 6-8 tables and can get that spectacular arrangement you were eyeing on Pinterest.

Didn’t want to add on a Photo Booth? Well, now with the extra budget and space available, a photo booth is an excellent way to help you and your guests capture the day; masks and all!

Bride standing in mirror photo booth

Photography is never anything that you want to skimp on. After all, it will carry the memories of your marriage for generations to come! However, hiring another vendor to add to your guest count may not be the best option. At Evolution Productions, we not only provide DJ services, but also professional photography services. With us, you can have an all inclusive vendor, which won’t break the bank and will help keep your guest count low.

As a professional wedding and event planner, we know that the most important thing at a wedding is the two people getting married. After that, its all just a bonus!


How to Pick a Micro Wedding Location

While your backyard may seem like an obvious choice, there’s some factors to consider. First, the set up and clean up. If you are not hiring an event planner, then you may be stuck with the bulk of that work. Second, when you and your new spouse are ready to call it a night, there may be some stragglers who can’t take a hint.

Do you have a parent, friend or relative that can offer their backyard? It may be helpful to have it at someone else’s house. You have enough to worry about!

Other options include a farm or barn, a winery or brewery, or even a local restaurant. However, these locations will come with tighter restrictions. Venues do not allow dancing, and some local places are subject to these restrictions as well, depending on their licensing.

Furthermore, paying for a venue will add up. Between site fees, catering, booze, permits, etc. – backyard micro weddings have been all the rage!


How to Plan for Weather Fluctuations

By no means should you “gamble” with the weather on Long Island. Fall can range from sunny and 60, to rainy and 49 day-to-day. Always assume you will at least need a tent with walls. You can get away with holding off on heater rentals until the week before when you have a better idea of the weather ahead.


Social Distancing Tips for a Micro Wedding

While you may have tables and chairs set up for your guests, there may be some that will want to keep their distance a little more. By renting lounge furniture for your event, you provide extra seating and extra space for your guests to feel comfortable. Also, these chic lounge pieces can change the vibe of any backyard to one that is wedding worthy.

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