DJ singing with party goer

A good DJ can make or break an event. Very often, they’re at the center of the party. The entire mood of your gathering can depend on your DJ’s ability to keep your guests entertained. Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party or anniversary, your DJ is crucial to your party’s success.

Therefore, how do you make sure you’re choosing the right one? What should you ask them beforehand to verify they’re the right DJ for your party? Here are some of the questions you should ask prospective DJs when planning your party:

– How early does the DJ arrive before the party?
– What is the procedure if the DJ gets in an accident on their way to the event?
– Is there a backup DJ? What happens if you arrive and realize you have faulty equipment?
– What happens if your computer breaks down in the hours before the event?
– Do you play songs live or are you playing an iTunes playlist? Maybe an automatic DJ program?
– Are you screaming on the microphone constantly or is it more professional and cordial?
– Do you play the stereotypical party songs (YMCA, Love Shack, Macarena etc.) or will you make my party different and unique?
– Will you take requests from the guests throughout the night?
– Do you play songs with explicit lyrics?
– Do you stick to the timeline times specifically or do you alter the itinerary to fit the crowd (and how)?

Conclusion – Evolution Productions

Basically, the answers to these questions can go a long way towards helping you find a great DJ. If prospective DJs don’t have satisfactory answers for the above questions, it could be a reliable sign that they’re not the best DJ for you. However, if they have good, confident answers, they’re most likely a professional.

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